Partner Spotlight: EastIndiaComedy

Emerge talent, EastIndiaComedy brings you India’s attitude towards sex through a “government approved” sex education lecture in a rather humorous approach.
The health ministry of India recently suggested that sex education be banned in the country.
This video is a work of fiction that bears no resemblance to any human being living, dead, or abstaining from sex. Check it out!

Utilizing YouTube Mid-Rolls

Did you know all videos greater than 10 minutes in length are classified as long-form content and eligible for mid-roll ads? Mid-roll ads are a very underutilized feature on YouTube and something we’d like to encourage you to try! A preliminary test group of channels within YouTube saw a big increase in overall revenue with almost no decrease in audience retention after implementing mid-rolls.

youtube instream ads preroll midroll postroll 247x300 Utilizing YouTube Mid Rolls

Best practices show:

- You have the potential to significantly increase revenue with little to no impact on your audience
- When enabling videos, utilize a variety of videos that are still receiving traffic (old and new videos)
- Be sure to regularly review Audience Retention in Analytics & make adjustments accordingly
- Test different mid-roll breaks to optimize ad placement so as not to jeopardize viewer experience

Smash Back at Cancer

Revern Sick 300x213 Smash Back at Cancer

On Saturday, July 19th Brett Harrington aka Reveren Sick will be doing a 24 hour live stream gaming event from his Twitch account SmashBackAtCancer to raise money for his GoFundMe account, and for cancer research awareness.

Brett Harrington was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in April 2013. In recent months his cancer has spread to all his vital organs, abdomen wall, and lungs. Brett has a wife, and 4 wonderful children. Contributing to the GoFundMe fundraiser will help Brett, and his family with medical care, and hospice.

Please support Brett’s 24 hour live stream gaming event this Saturday!

WHEN:Saturday, July 19th – Sunday July 20th
Start time: 12pm EST (9am PST) –24 hours!
WHO: Brett Harrington aka Reveren Sick
WHAT: 24 Hour Livestream Gaming to SMASH BACK AT CANCER!
WHERE: Right here y’all, SmashBackAtCancer! And here too, GoFundMe!
WHY: To help our fellow Maker Gen partners! To give love, and support!

VidCon 2014 | Maker Gen – Why Do You Create?

This past weekend Maker Studios’ Maker Gen community joined forces to create a unique experience for all VidCon content creators. We created a living room space to capture the setting of what it means to be a creator in the Maker family. During VidCon we had storm troopers visit our booth as well as top talent like Shay Carl, Epic Lloyd, Kandee Johnson, and Claire Marshall to name a few. If you missed this years VidCon, check out our video to get a taste of what it was like and responses from our partners on why they create content.

Join Maker Gen and share your creativity with the world.

Massive Music Minute with Albert From TalkofFame

On this episode of Massive Movie Minute,  Albert  from the channel TalkofFame explores DreamWorks’ ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2′ art exhibit at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California. From paper to pencil to paint, three artists show us there’s more than one way to draw a dragon.

Partner Highlight: BabyGizmoCompany is one of the largest online, new parent resources featuring videos, review, travel, and recipes. However,  coupled with their website is their YouTube channel, Baby Gizmo company that produces in-depth reviews of the hottest baby gear products, toy reviews by children, Mom tips, on location fun family-friendly travel destinations, How-to food videos and much more.

This trailer video is a great example of an introduction to a channel. It should encompass what your channel is about and should allow your audience to get an idea as well as the feel of your channel. It should only be 30 seconds to a minute length to hold the audience attention and include calls to action asking viewers to subscribe and watch the channel’s videos.

Be sure to subscribe to their channel and check out their content by visiting Baby Gizmo Co. 


Shannon Boodram: Is Virginity the New Trend in Sex?

Accelerate channel, ShannontBoodram is back on the talk show, The Insider. In this segment, sex-education expert Shannon Boodram discusses shows like, MTV’s Virgin Territory, Jane the Virgin, and celebs who are open about their choice to wait. Her channel is primarily a resource for those who stay up late texting until dawn and are trying to get a grip of what it means to fall in love and being sexual in today’s easy-access culture.

Partner Highlight: MangoMeg & TheMakeUpTroll Collaborate

Collaboration is the name of the game! MangoMeg & TheMakeUpTroll answer some audience submitted questions about their weekly TruthPlusDare challenge videos. Both adorable red heads separately submit weekly TruthPlusDare videos in collaboration with Maker family channel Brataley. This is a great example of smaller channels collaborating with a larger channel to grow their audiences and then going a step further and collaborating with one another to help promote their participation. Reach out to larger channels if you have a collaboration idea, get to know your fellow YouTubers, and increase your opportunities to be found by new audiences along the way.